(for students not applying on-line through UCAS Progress)

PLEASE NOTE: You are likely to find it easier to complete this form on a computer rather than on a mobile phone.
To complete this application you will need:
- An email address for a parent* who lives at home with you.
[*or your designated legal guardian, if applicable, throughout this form]
- The title, name and email address of the person at your school who can provide a reference and estimated grades for you.
- Your personal statement, available on your device to be pasted into the form.
Data privacy:
The College will use the information supplied by you and your school referee to consider your application and, if you join us, to support your teaching, learning and pastoral care such as monitoring your progress and reporting to your parent(s). Sensitive personal information that you may provide (as labelled below for relevant questions) will be used anonymously for statistical purposes to enable the College to comply with its legal obligation to monitor equality and diversity. Where you have declared a disability, health condition or learning need, the College will use this information for appropriately supporting your studies. Personal data will not be disclosed to any third party except where the College is required to do so by law or with your consent.

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