Admissions Score Calculator

EXAMINATION GRADES (LEVEL 2): Please enter examination grades in English Language, Mathematics and your best six other grades (including any achieved in previous years if relevant). Grades for English Language & Mathematics are both counted twice for this calculation.

Only enter FULL GCSE/IGCSE subjects and no more than two equivalent LEVEL 2 VOCATIONAL subjects (Diploma/BTEC etc).

For vocational qualifications or GCSEs awarded with letter grades, please use the following numeric grade equivalents:

8     A* or Distinction*
7     A or Distinction
6     B or Merit
4     C or Pass
3     D
2     E
1     F/G

Please note, if you are taking Further Maths alongside your GCSEs, this grade cannot be included in your admission score calculation.
English Language (or combined lang/lit) *
Mathematics *
Best other grade 1 *
Best other grade 2 *
Best other grade 3 *
Best other grade 4 *
Best other grade 5 *
Best other grade 6 *