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Are you ordering for delivery to the Eastside, Glendale, Bayside, or Mequon? *
The Order Deadline For Delivery Is 6:00am On The Day Of Delivery.
Free delivery for orders over $75. Orders under $75 will be subject to a $10 delivery charge.
Orders for morning pickup must be placed by noon the day before.
Orders for afternoon pickup must be placed by 6:00am that day.
Orders placed after those times, will be prepared and ready for pickup at the next available pickup slot.
9/7 - 9/13
6oz Deluxe Yogurt: Better Berry (J&J) - was $1.59 NOW $1.29
Dorot Frozen Chopped Parsley Ovals - was $2.99 NOW $2.75
Osem Bamba (3.5oz) - was $3.89 NOW $3.49
Lieber's Cookies: Mini Stripes - was $3.99 NOW $3.69
Paskesz Sour Bites: Strawberry - was $2.59 NOW $2.29