28th LLFF Survey 2019

Our 2nd year in our new film venue and weekend in May!! We're always looking for ways to improve your festival experience so we'd appreciate your feedback on various aspects of the festival.

Friday and Saturday Film Venue - Althouse College at Western University

1. Parking was free at Althouse! Did you have any issues finding the lot and a space? *

Friday Night Reception - Ontario Hall at Western University

2. We hope you enjoyed the reception after the films Friday night! Did you attend? *

Saturday Night Dance - London Music Hall

3. Music - DJ Cozmic Cat *
4. This year, again, we requested more seating at the Dance Hall. Did you find the seating to be adequate? *

Sunday Brunch - Carousel Room at Western Fair

5. Food...we were disappointed as well last year, and we requested some changes....selection, coffee at the tables, etc...how did we/they do this year? *
6. Comedian - DeAnne Smith *
7. Silent Auction *

Sunday Films - Aeolian Hall

8. Sunday Films at Aeolian Hall *

Overall Festival Experience

9. Please rate your overall Festival Experience? *
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Pride London Film Night - Monday, July 22nd, Aeolian Hall

10. Pride Film Night at Aeolian Hall *

Sponsorship and Advertising


15. If you have a special need(s) or accessibility requirement(s), did the events or venues meet your need(s)? *


16. Where do you get most of you information and announcements about the festival throughout the year? Please check all that apply. *
17. Do you follow us on Facebook? We share articles with content related to Lesbians, Women, and the London community https://www.facebook.com/LLFF.CA/ *
18. Have you joined our Meetup group? https://www.meetup.com/LLFF-Social-Group-Meetup - PW is festival... For Women who have attended the London ​Lesbian Film Festival and they would like to extend the festival experience to all year! Meetup will be used to set up events locally in London or in other cities, announce film festival information and provide an outlet for women to plan carpooling, room sharing, ticket swapping, singles events, etc Also a way to stay in touch with women you've connected with over the festival weekend! *
19. Would you follow LLFF on Twitter? *
20. Do you want to be included on our Email distribution list? We provide information about the film lineup, tickets sales, and events, etc. Your information will not be shared with any other organization or business. *