FS-ISAC Responsible Disclosure Program Webinar  

Tuesday / 16 November 2021

1500 - 1600 (SGT)
CISCO Webex Platform
**PLEASE NOTE** This is a complimentary event for FS-ISAC members and invited guests.
Deadline to register is 15 November 2021. Please note that this event is TLP Amber and registrations will be vetted for approval.


The increased threats from nation states and cybercriminals since 2020 has generated regulatory and operational cybersecurity responses from a growing number of governments around the world. One aspect of governmental responses has been to promote Responsible Disclosure Programs (RDPs), and in some countries, laws are being introduced to make RDPs mandatory for some entities. With the emergence of these threats, we are hosting a webinar to address what RDPs entail and how these programs can enhance information security for organizations.

The agenda for this event will run from approximately 1500 - 1600 (SGT).




1505 (SGT)

[FS-ISAC] Welcome and Opening Remarks
Christophe Barel
Managing Director, APAC


1520 (SGT)

[ING Bank] Improved Security & Resilience: ING's Positive Five-Year RDP Journey
Dennis Vermeulen
Information Security Consultant


1540 (SGT)

[HackerOne] Key RDP Concepts, Issues and Benefits
Laurie Mercer
Security Engineer


1555 (SGT)

[Aviva Singapore] Member Presentation
Vivek Gullapalli
CISO & Head of Technology


1600 (SGT)

Closing | End of Webinar


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