FS-ISAC Building Cybersecurity Diversity Scholarship - Asia Pacific

Program Description
To infuse women into the financial-services sector, the Financial Services – Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) in 2016 created the Building Cybersecurity Diversity (BCD) Scholarship. The scholarship is open to female students who are pursuing cybersecurity careers within the financial-services sector and are currently enrolled in a post-secondary educational or training program that is focused on technology and/or cybersecurity. Eligible students must have at least one year of study remaining at the time of application and cannot graduate prior to spring 2021.  

Scholarship recipients will receive a financial award (to be paid to directly to their universities or training programs) for educational expenses and free access to attend the 2020 FS-ISAC Asia Pacific Virtual Summit, which takes 1-2 December. 

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Must be female
  2. Must have a minimum Grading Scale of 3.0
  3. Must be available to attend the FS-ISAC Asia Pacific Virtual Summit 2020
  4. Must be enrolled in a post-secondary educational program related to technology and/or cybersecurity
  5. Must be interested in pursuing a career within the financial-services industry that focuses on cybersecurity
  6. Must be authorized to work within the AP region
  7. Must be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect any confidential information shared at the 2020 FS-ISAC Asia Pacific Virtual Summit

By accepting the scholarship, students agree to:

  1. Providing permission for FS-ISAC to contact their universities or training programs to confirm enrollment and good standing. All applicants must include the name of the university or post-secondary program where they are enrolled. They also must provide contact information for their scholarship accounts-receivable departments, as well as their universities' or programs' accreditation numbers. Failure to provide this information on the application will result in automatic rejection. 
  2. Being asked by FS-ISAC to represent the BCD Scholarship program in the future.
  3. Presenting a post-Virtual Summit overview of what was learned at the Virtual Summit and from their experience with their FS-ISAC Mentors, which will be assigned. 

Application: Please fill in all fields. The completed application must be submitted by 17:00 EDT on 28 August. Please contact scholarship@fsisac.com with any questions. Plagiarized responses will result in immediate disqualification. *NOTE: If you are a previous BCD Scholarship recipient, you cannot reapply for the scholarship.

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