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Thank you for giving generously of your time and Home to foster an Eloise Rescue dog. In order to assure the safety and well being of your foster dog and to assist with their adoption, we ask that you review the following information.

 Please give your dog at least two or three days to settle in to your home. Remember these dogs have been living in a kennel so a home is a big adjustment. They may not sleep through the night at first, they may or may not be house trained, and there may be jealously issues between your new foster and your dog. This will pass and we are always available to help work this out.

As an Eloise Rescue Foster you agree to the following:

  1. Eloise Rescue must approve all adoption applications, so please do not promise anyone that they can adopt your foster. We are happy to receive adoption referrals and your recommendations. If you were considering adopting your foster yourself, we would discuss any serious applications with you before placing the dog in another home. (Adoption Fees Will Apply.)
  1. Your foster must be kept on a leash AT ALL TIMES when in an unfenced or unenclosed area even when hiking, or just walking from your house to the car. All rescues are prone to being escape artists, especially in a new environment or when left alone. They may bolt out of an open front door. Be aware and be careful.
  1. Eloise Rescue will be responsible for veterinary care and expenses that occur during initial rescue (if any vet bills occur for any animal attack that is on the responsibility of the foster.I will get rescue rates from our vet for you). We will provide all food, leash, and a collar and anything said dog needs to make them comfortable while staying in your home.
  1. Congratulate yourself on being an extraordinary person. It’s easy to say you want to help, but by taking a needy animal into your home, you are making a huge difference. Your commitment to help enables us to rescue more dogs from the shelter. Thank you!
  1. Any damage caused by said dog that you are fostering is NOT the responsibility of Eloise Rescue and will not be re-reimbursed for or replace items.
  1. I understand that my foster dog is owned solely by Eloise rescue (Vickie Wagner) and can be removed from my care at any time by them, in its sole discretion, for any reason or no reason. I agree to surrender my foster dog to Eloise Rescue upon receiving notification of the determination of the foster agreement.

    I, the Foster Care provider named below, understand that Eloise Rescue and its volunteers have no way of predicting or guaranteeing the actions, behavior, or disposition of any dog that we place into foster care. I understand that although every effort has been made to assess the temperament of dogs rescued by Eloise Rescue, being living animals, they may act unpredictably in any given situation. I must take every precaution to prevent accidents and guard against unpredicted actions by any dog that I foster.

    I promise to take care of the dogs I foster while they are in my possession providing food, water, and shelter as needed. I also promise to notify Eloise Rescue if any fostered dog is in need of routine veterinary care so that this care can be provided in a timely manner.

    At no time will I allow this dog to be a nuisance to people or other animals. To that end I will keep it safely confined inside a house when it is not with me or with a member of my family. At no time will the dog be placed outside on a tie out or left locked out in a yard. When off of my property, the dog will be kept on a leash unless it is in a fenced area approved for free running dogs.

    Note: Eloise Rescue does not recommend the use of a dog crate for confinement inside the house unless absolutely necessary.

    We require ID tags on the dog’s collar at all times in case the dog escapes. We require that the dog be walked on harness, or slip collar, or choke collar – or on collar provided (always make sure it is tight enough by sticking two fingers in and that is the correct tightness).

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