Enrolment Agreement Addendum - Fee Concession

Where possible, EduExcellence would like to offer parents financial assistance to either allow their child(ren) to enrol at EduExcellence or to remain enrolled. However, this Fee Concession process is entirely at the discretion of EduExcellence and not all requests can be accommodated nor must the application be seen as an acceptance of such a request.

Once this form has been fully completed it will be submitted to the Campus Principal for their input, whereafter it will be sent to the company Directors for final processing. Following that you will be notified of the outcome of your application by email. Should your application be approved you will receive an Enrolment Addendum - Financial Quote with the specific details of the concession. This Financial Quote must be signed and uploaded in the link provided for the process to be completed.

PLEASE NOTE that your concession, if approved, will only be valid for the remainder of the current academic year. Parents will have to re-apply annually and re-submit their supporting documentation. EduExcellence reserves the right to not offer a concession to parents in subsequent applications as the operational needs of the business dictates. An approval in one year must NOT be seen as an approval for subsequent years.


Confirm Campuses learner is enrolled at *
For which year are you applying for Concession *
If you are currently enrolled at EduExcellence you should have received your EduExcellence Family Account Number. The number starts with either NH (for Noordhoek learners) or LW (for Lynnwood learners). This number assists the Accounts Department to correctly identify your account.
Does the learner have an EduExcellence Family Account Number? *
Number of Parents Financially Supporting the Learner *

Proposed Fees

Please after careful consideration, indicate what you can afford to pay with respect to the monthly Tuition Fee.
Please note the following:
- unfortunately, this does not mean that this will be the amount we finalise
- the Security Retainer will match the final monthly Tuition Fee and will need to be paid
- the Annual Development Levy will need to be paid
- The Development Levy is used to cover our annual Cambridge, ASDAN, ISASA etc license fees
EduExcellence's sole source of income for teacher salaries, rent etc is from your monthly Tuition Fee.
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