This expedition explores how humans are reshaping Acadia National Park in Maine. 
We are currently looking for students from Boston Public Schools only, due to our funder requirements.

Girls in Science: Student Fellowship Application

We are looking for teens, sophomores or juniors who are interested in science and learning more about STEM careers. Selected students will take part in an Earthwatch expedition in the summer of 2021 at the Acadia National Park. You can learn more about the program here.
We are committed to assembling a diverse group of fellows. This fellowship encourages applications from teens identifying with groups historically underrepresented in the ocean sciences- especially with respect to gender identity/expression, race or ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.
Applications will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis.
Before you begin your application, we highly recommend you create an account or login so that you can save and return to your application later.

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Teacher Recommendation

We are requesting a reference from a STEAM teacher (science, technology, engineering, or math), mentor (someone you’ve volunteered with), or guidance counselor that can speak as your reference (no relatives please). Your recommendation needs to be filled out online here. Please share the link to the form with your reference so they can fill out the online recommendation form. Applications will still be reviewed if they do not have a reference. 
OPTIONAL: Applicants have the option of submitting two recommendation letters. This is optional and NOT required. 

Required Application ID

Your teacher will need your application ID to successfully submit a recommendation. Therefore, you are required to create your application ID to submit your application, and you must format your ID according to these guidelines:

1) Your “Application ID” is your First Initial + Last Name + Birth Date (MMDDYY) with NO spaces

2) If you have two last names or a hyphenated last name, please use your full last name(s)and include hyphens, but not spaces.

3) You must include zeroes if your birth month or day is only one digit (e.g. January = 01)

For example:

Jane Doe-Smith was born February 4, 1997.

Their application ID is JDoe-Smith020497.

*IMPORTANT: If you do not create your application ID according to the above guidelines, your recommendations will not be linked to your application, and your application will not be considered.

1. Eligibility

You are currently enrolled in a Boston Public School *
Are you currently (or just finished being) a sophomore or junior in high school? *
Will you be available the following dates? *
If you answered 'NO' or "Neither" to any of the questions above, you are NOT eligible for the 2021 Girls in Science Fellowship. 
If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact

2. Your Information

Personal Information
Please note that all personal information will be remove from the application before being reviewed and will not impact your eligibility. Please write your name how it is displayed on the document you plan on traveling to the expedition with. 
Sex * 🛈
Gender Identity *
Preferred Pronoun
Racial/Ethnic Identity (Check all that apply) *
T-shirt Size (Fitted, women's fit) *
Contact Information
Please provide us with your contact information. Your primary email address must be checked regularly. Earthwatch will send important notifications to you via email.
School Information 
Please provide us with your official school name. Do not use any abbreviations.
Current Grade *
Are you eligible to receive free or reduced lunch in school? *

3. Your Parent/Guardian's Information

Please provide us with contact information for a parent or guardian. Parents/Guardians must have a work or personal email account that is checked regularly.

Parent/Guardian email accounts cannot be the same as the applicant's email account. Earthwatch will send important notifications to your parent/guardian via email.

Please note that information related to your parent/gardian will not be seen by evaluators of this application and will not impact your acceptance in to the Girls In Science program. 

4. Previous Earthwatch Experience

Have you fielded on an Earthwatch expedition? Or, are you signed up to field on an upcoming Earthwatch expedition? *

5. Application Questions

Please answer the following short answer questions thoughtfully. Note the word limits and keep your answers to all questions within the indicated word limit.

We encourage you to draft your answers to the questions in a program such as Microsoft Word  or Google Docs so that you have a copy of your responses and can check your spelling and grammar. You can then copy and paste your responses into this application.

Please do NOT include your name in your responses.

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6. Signature and Affirmation

Please read the following statement. Indicate your agreement by typing your name below and dating your electronic signature. Your parent/guardian must also read the statement and provide their electronic signature and the date.

I declare the information contained within this application to be true, and hereby authorize Earthwatch Institute to keep and use the information contained within this application for all future evaluation and report materials.