This form is used to report substantive changes in your agency.
Before completing the form, please read carefully the information on reporting substantive changes available on our website and the Guide for Applicants and Registered Agencies.
Please note that your Substantive Change Report will be published after the Register Committee has considered it.

Reporting Agency


Other Organisations Involved

Is the change you are reporting a merger that involves other organisations than the reporting agency/ies mentioned above (i.e. that are not registered on EQAR)? *
Please provide information about the organisation(s) involved in the merger:

Description of the Changes

A. Has the organisational identity of the registered agency changed?

This might include:

  • changes to the legal form or status;
  • merger with/into another body/entity, another body/entity becoming part of the agency;
  • changes in parent entity, if applicable;
  • liquidation, bankruptcy or similar proceedings.
B. Has the organisational structure changed?

This might include:
  • role or composition of governing or managing bodies (only changes of the general composition/membership categories – there is no need to report regular changes of individuals, e.g. when their terms end);
  • establishment or discontinuing of governing or managing bodies;
  • major/drastic changes in the staffing or financial situation;
  • outsourcing of activities with significant relevance for the agency's external quality assurance activities.
C. Have the external quality assurance activities implemented by your agency changed?

This includes all external quality assurance activities within the scope of the ESG: reviews, audits, evaluations or accreditations of higher education institutions or programmes that relate to learning and teaching in higher education, including the learning environment and relevant links to research and innovation; regardless of whether these activities are carried out within and outside the EHEA, and whether they are obligatory or voluntary.
Are there new types of activities? *
Are there changes in existing activities (e.g. changes to their methodology, criteria or procedures)? *
Have some or all existing activities been discontinued? *
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If necessary, you can upload documents that you wish to annex to your report. Please make sure that these documents are referred in the descriptions above. Please only upload PDF files.