JANUARY 25 - FEBRUARY 10, 2020


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Note: A valid passport (expiring no earlier than 6 months after your scheduled departure from the region) is required for entry into the destination.

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All prices are per passenger and are quoted in CANADIAN $ (this is unlike many programs offered by other companies, which are usually quoted in US$)
a)   CME & Cultural Tour of South East Asia - $8,495
b)   Premium Economy class supplement (see Note 1, 2) - $1,800
c)   Business class supplement (see Note 1) - $5,300
d)   Single supplement (if travelling alone in your own room) - $1,650
e)   Single share fee (if you're single and we find you a roommate) - $300                         
f)   Supplemental taxes and fees - $665
g)   Academic CME Program Registration fee - $750
 Repeat Customer Discount :
 Enter $100 for each of the passenger's previous tours with us, up to a maximum
 of $300 (3 tours). Final balance payment must be made by Cheque to qualify.         
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** Notes
1. Business class and Premium Economy upgrade costs above are subject to confirmation of both availability and rate once your booking is processed.
2. Upgrade is for the Toronto (or Vancouver)-Taipei, Saigon-Taipei and Taipei-Toronto (or Vancouver) flights but on the Taipei-Phnom Penh you will be in regular economy as the Premium Economy cabin is not available on this flight.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to provide you with peace of mind due to, in particular, limited provincial health care coverage afforded to Canadians while traveling overseas and the cancellation provisions inherent in your booking. Through Manulife Insurance, we offer two insurance coverage options:


Non-Medical Inclusive

There are significant inherent cancellation penalties associated with your booking as detailed in our booking terms and conditions and this insurance package provides coverage for all monies paid for your trip if you should have to cancel due to medical, or other listed, reasons either relating to yourself or a member of your immediate family. It also covers you for trip interruption costs short notice return flight home etc) for medical reasons again, either relating to yourself or an immediate family member as well as flight and travel accident and baggage insurance.


All-Inclusive Plan

Provides coverage for all the components in the non-medical package, plus unlimited health coverage while in the destination.


"Cancel for any reason (CFAR)" coverage - NEW and at no additional cost !!
So long as you purchase either of the two insurance policies above at the same time as your tour booking, you are automatically entitled to this added benefit of CFAR coverage whereby, if you need to cancel your tour booking up to 14 days or more before departure for any reason, your policy will refund you up to a maximum of 50% of the cancellation penalties incurred. This is excellent peace of mind coverage to protect you against (50% of the) cancellation penalties incurred in a situation where the reason for cancellation is not one of the regular covered risks in your policy (ie it is essentially "change of mind" insurance).


A detailed overview of coverage benefits and limitations of each insurance policy that we offer through Manulife may be found at the link below. Please ensure that you review this document, including the specific non-eligibility provisions at the top of page 2:

Unfortunately, from a regulatory perspective, we are unable to offer travel insurance to non-Canadian residents. We recommend that you therefore organize your travel insurance (ideally medical, cancellation and trip interruption coverage) with a local provider. Please select "no insurance" below.
Choice of travel insurance: *
Each individual passenger's insurance premium is based upon their total insurable costs (total for all passengers is shown above using the "Calculate" button) and their age at the date of booking. Using this information, you may find amount of the premium using the table shown below. The insurance premium is due at the time of booking with the tour deposit. More payment information can be found in the next section. 
Note: Total Insurable Costs relate to the total cost of your booking (including all taxes fees and miscellaneous other amounts) on a per person basis (as seen using the individual total calculations in the Tour Pricing section).

** Due to provincial travel insurance regulations, we are unable to directly sell Manulife Travel Insurance directly to clients that do not reside in Ontario. Instead, travel insurance must be taken out by clicking the Manulife Insurance link below:

This link can also be reached by clicking on the Manulife Insurance button under the "Useful Links and Files" section of our Upcoming Program webpage for this tour (

Choice of travel insurance: *

We cannot stress strongly enough the need for adequate insurance coverage regarding out of country medical, trip cancellation and trip interruption. If you believe that you already have adequate insurance, we would urge you to check the level of coverage particularly regarding trip cancellation and trip interruption as, for example, if the insurance is as a result of booking on your credit card, the coverage limits for trip cancellation and trip interruption can often be quite limited as to trip duration or insured $ amount in the event of a claim (for example, it is not uncommon for trip cancellation coverage to be limited to approximately $2,500 (and sometimes lower..) per booking (rather than per person) and for trip interruption to be limited to $1,000 per person – you would need to check with your credit card company for actual coverage levels).

If it is still your intention to decline our insurance, please place a checkmark in the box below. Otherwise, please select a travel insurance package from the selection above.

Insurance declined waiver *


- $500 per person + applicable insurance premium (see table in Tour Pricing section)
- An additional deposit is required if seat upgrades are purchased - $200/person for Premium Economy and the full amount of the upgarde supplement ($5,300/person) for Business class
- Payable by credit card only with registration, non-refundable

- Final balance amount will be indicated on our invoice confirmation which will be provided to you following our receipt of this online registration form
- Due by no later than October 22, 2019 (For registrations received on or after this date, payment is required in full at the time of booking)
- Payable by credit card or cheque 

We accept payment by either cheque or credit card (Visa and Mastercard only; American Express not accepted)
Upon receipt of our invoice confirmation, please send a cheque for your balance post-dated to October 24, 2015 , payable to Doctors-on-Tour.
Balance payments must be made by cheque if you are taking advantage of our Repeat Customer Discount. 
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Please complete the credit card information below. Even if you are paying the balance by cheque, deposits must be paid via credit card.
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Please indicate the method of payment for your final balance. *
Please indicate the method of payment for your final balance. *
** Since you are taking advantage of our Repeat Customer Discount, balance payments must be made by cheque. If you wish to pay your final balance by credit card, you must remove the Repeat Customer Discounts in the Tour Pricing section, at which point the 'Credit card' option will be available for selection above.
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Credit card authorization *
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