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Real Estate Professional Organizer

As a real estate professional, you may be entitled to deductions to help offset your income.  Capturing these deductions is a key element in helping to reduce your tax liability.  Below is a handy organizer with the latest, commonly deducted expenses.  Fill in the amounts for each of the applicable expenses and you can submit them directly to our office for inputting into your tax returns.

Biographical/Contact Info

Income & Gross Receipts

Tax Year To Which Income and Expenses Apply *
Were you paid services and received a 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC? *
Were you paid for services and did NOT receive a 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC? *

Estimated Tax Payments

Did you make estimated tax payments to the IRS? *
Did you make estimated tax payments to your state of residence? *

Deductible Retirement Contributions

Do you have a self employed specific retirement plan already open? *
What kind of self employed retirement plan do you presently have open? *
Have you already made contributions to your retirement plan for the year we are preparing taxes? Please note this does not include contributions you made during the last calendar year for the prior year. So if you contributed, for example, during 2019 but this was for 2018's tax returns, please do not answer yes to this question. Only answer yes if you have made contributions that you are certain are for the year for which we are presently preparing taxes. *
If your business is showing a profit after expenses, would you like us to present you with options to help reduce your taxes by contributing to a deductible self employed retirement account? Please note in most cases you do not need to already have a plan open in order to take advantage of deductible retirement account contributions, retroactively. *

Operating and Administrative Expenses

Communication Expenses

Direct Sales Expenses

Professional Expenses

Equipment (Cost over $500)

Business Related Travel

Home Office

Is your home office used regularly for your real estate business? *
Is your home office used exclusively for your real estate business? *

Business Use of Vehicle

Did you buy or lease your vehicle?
Do you finance your vehicle?