Local Committee / State Board Questionnaire

You have been recommended to serve as a board/committee member with Child Evangelism Fellowship. In order to become better acquainted with you and to give a vote of confidence concerning your service on this board/committee, please help us by completing this questionnaire.
Please select which committee/board you are applying to: *
As Related to the Church
As Related to You Personally
If married, is your spouse in agreement with your decision to consider serving on this board/committee? *
Because of the importance of this responsibility and the testimony we must maintain for the Lord before the children, our desire is to have committee members who maintain a consistent Christian life and testimony. Do you feel you are so doing? *
Do you belong to any secret societies or organizations? *
As Related to Child Evangelism Fellowship
Do you believe little children need to be saved from sin? *
That they can be saved from sin? *
Are you willing to work as a team member, laying aside denominational distinctives? *
Do you feel burdened to see lost children saved from sin? *
Are you willing to faithfully pray for CEF? *
Are you willing to support the ministry with your finances? *
Are you willing to attend each board meeting unless hindered beyond your control? *
Regarding CEF policies
Please review the Child Protection Policy (Click link to open in new window).  *
A background check is required for service as a board/committee member. If you have not already done so, please complete the online screening forms necessary to complete the background check at this link: 
http://www.ministryopportunities.org/CEFND *
For potential local chapter committee members only: Are you in agreement with the Chapter Charter Resolution? (Click link to open document in new window)
Thank you for your interest in this opportunity!