We are so glad that you're interested in serving with CEF
at Camp Good News this summer!

If you have any questions about this application (or anything else regarding camp),
please contact camp director Kim Erickson:

9225 66th Ave NW · Bowbells, ND 57621 · 701-339-0525 · camp@ndcef.com

Personal Info

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Any children attending with you as a camper must be registered (at www.ndcef.com) but may attend camp for free. Please note them as "Staff Child" on their application!

Christian Walk

Your Relationship with God
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Your Relationship with Other Believers
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Camp Involvement

Which week(s) of camp do you desire to serve? *
Each camp week includes a mandatory orientation session for all staff. Orientation is held each Saturday evening before the Sunday start date of the camp week: July 22nd (Week 1), July 29th (Week 2), and August 5th (Week 3). Please plan accordingly so that you can attend your orientation!
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Job Descriptions

Bible Teacher: Teach a 45 min. class twice daily for 4 days using CEF materials

Skills Teacher: Plan and lead a 45 min. class twice daily for 4 days in a skill area of your choosing

Nurse: Distribute daily medications and provide medical care as needed

Counselor: Develop relationships with students by caring for and supervising them in a cabin, acting as team leader, and participating in activities throughout the day

Head Cook: Plan and prepare three daily meals for all campers and staff

Kitchen assistant: Assist with all things kitchen-related

Service Team (STM): Work with team to fill vital service roles such as dining hall cleanup, daily dishes, bathroom cleaning, classroom assistance, and other service projects as needed.

Camp Speaker: Provide daily gospel message for children during evening chapel session

Missions Time Leader: Lead a 30-minute session Monday-Thursday sharing the purpose and application of missions; may include the following: a personal missions experience, what missions is and how children can be missionaries, stories of past missionaries, information about a specific missions organization.

Mini Camper Director & Assistants: Organize and run childcare for all non-camper staff children (over 1 year old) throughout the day as their parents serve in their roles at camp

*Points Person:  Tally all Verse-O-Rama each afternoon and tally team points each evening

*Canteen Assistants: Assist with the snack shop each afternoon

*Evening Snack Coordinator:  Organize and distribute the evening snack for all of camp each evening. (Please let us know if you are interested in planning and bringing the snacks to camp. Camp will cover the cost.)

*Bed Checker: Complete cabin and bed inspections and determine winners daily

*Waterfront Manager: Manage all boats, ensuring each has an adult present and all passengers are wearing life jackets. Ensure that all boating equipment is put away properly.

*Beachfront Manager: Guard the gate to the swimming area; run check-in and check-out in accordance with our buddy system during rec time.
The following is a list of available positions (and quantities). Please check the positions you are interested in! *Starred roles are smaller jobs that can be paired with another role. *
Please indicate if you have the ability to lead or help with any of the following skills (or others not listed here!):

Compliance & Statement of Faith

All first-time CEF volunteers are required to complete a background check.

This ensures the safety of all staff and students that we work with. The background check will also ask for your compliance with CEF's Statement of Faith, our Doctrinal Protection Policy and the CEF Worker's Compliance Agreement, and will ask you to view the Protecting Today's Child presentation. These documents are important for the integrity of our ministry, so we ask that you please review each carefully!

The background check is completed separately from this volunteer application. Background checks must be completed and processed before you are able to serve at camp. A link to begin the background check will appear once you have submitted this application!

You may also click here to open the form now in a new window! CEF Background Check
Returning CEF volunteers are required to renew their background check information every five years. Our staff will be in touch with you with further instructions if it is time for your five-year renewal!

We also ask that all volunteers review the following documents annually.
This ensures the safety of all staff and students that we work with, as well as the integrity of our ministry. Please read each of the following documents to ensure that you are still in agreement with each of them, then sign below. (Clicking the links will open the documents/presentations in a new window.)

1. CEF Statement of Faith
2. Doctrinal Protection Policy/Worker's Compliance Agreement
3. Protecting Today's Child video
Checking the following boxes confirms that you have reviewed the documents/videos and remain in agreement with all of the statements below. *