1) What type of company are you employed at? * 🛈
1A) As a physical supplier, please indicate the method(s) you use to deliver fuel. *
2) Which continent do you work from? *
3) What is your role at your company? * 🛈
4) What is your current seniority? *
6) Do you have a digitalisation strategy in your company? *
6A) If you don't have a strategy yet, why not? * 🛈
7) Do you use any digital tools during the delivery? *
9) If you're not using digital forms now, would you like them for: * 🛈
10) Do you use Mass Flow Meters (MFM)? *
13) What are the main barriers for a successful digitalisation of the industry? * 🛈
14) Would you find value in a digitalisation and change management playbook for how to digitize your business? *
15) In your opinion, which part of the value chain is furthest along in the effort to digitize? * 🛈
16) Where will the value from digitalisation come from? * 🛈
18) What role do you think IBIA should play in the digitalisation of the bunker industry? * 🛈
19) An IT system should support full data privacy, where the customer has full control over how its data is being used and who has access to it. This could be data on Vessel ETA's, Stem quantity and pricing, counterparts.  Do you see value in getting access to more industry data points to help inform decisionmaking?
21) Process Ranking * 🛈
Value Generation through digitalisation of the processBarriers to digitalisationCurrent status of digitalisation at your company
Data Input
Bunker Request
Order Confirmation
Barge Scheduling and Planning
Delivery Notice
Samples / Testing
23) Please send me a copy of the survey results. *