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You can order pre-purchase time blocks here.

  • These blocks do not expire.
  • These block are the best value since the prices are the lowest rates for our services.
  • Time is billed in 6 minute increments based on actual session time.
  • These blocks apply to remote telesession training, consulting, and IT Support Only.
  • These Blocks are not valid for on-site training, consulting, or support events.
  • These blocks have no cash value after purchasing, only time value, and cannot be applied to any product purchases or other services provided by AEII.

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Terms & Conditions
To be eligible for discount pricing, I agree to the following:

As long as I schedule sessions on the online portal ( utilizing the "Time Block Client" option which does not require the entering of a credit card for payment after each session, I will:

  • Maintain a positive balance of hours remaining
  • Or when prompted hours are depleted, or very soon depleted, order additional time blocks necessary to maintain a positive time block balance within 15 days
  • If I decide otherwise, the remaining time balance due will be converted to the standard hourly rates and is payable within 10 days. (Can be paid at:
  • Any outstanding past due balances will be subject to a 10% late fee and additional fees for collection including attorney fees, collections charges, and interest at 18% per year.
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