Stop Steering BEFORE it Happens 
Check it Out ... You can download and install our NEW Collision Industry Sample App on your Android or iPhone by scanning the QR Code below or open your browser on your phone and Click Here or just click the phone app images above or below.
This amazing phone app is designed to:
STOP the #1 Industry Threat ... Insurer Steering !
But this new tool does much more than STOP STEERING. It also is a very valuable educational tool for seasoned vehicle owners to the just beginners ....
This new app educates all consumers about their rights, about insurance policies, the repair process, what to do and not to do at the accident scene, their choices during the claims process, and it provides additional support options when they don't know which way to turn such as filing complaints about steering and insurer bullying, and ask an expert.
This great tool is personalized to to include:
    - Your Company Logo
    - Your Company Contact Information
    - Your Direct Dial Telephone Number - Right at the Accident Scene
    - Your Towing Service Number (or Yours Again)
    - Your State's Department of Insurance
    - Your Own URL and UPC Code !
    - The Marketing Kit: Placcard, Promotional Handout, and Nice Counter Stand
    - If this is part of an Industry Association Partnership - It is Branded as such
Only $249.95 per year !
Plus an initial setup fee of $99.95 which includes The Marketing Kit* !!!! 
Special Pricing for Association Partnerships Available.
* We have a full range of additional optional marketing materials available seperately.

You Can't Educate Better or Talk With Your Customers Any Sooner or Better Than Right at the Accident Scene.
This is the best way to ...
                                                  ... BEFORE IT HAPPENS !