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Since 1955, ACFA is known as the FairestFriendliest and most Fun feline association!  Our goal is to promote the welfare, education, knowledge and interest in all domesticated, purebred and non-purebred cats, to breeders, owners, exhibitors of cats and the general public.  

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If in Good Standing, Regular membership entitles receiving an Annual Yearbook and the ACFA Bulletin; to vote to elect Officers, Directors and Committee Members; to vote on proposed amendments to the Bylaws, Show Rules and general Registration Rules. Family Members are entitled to vote. 

Only Regular members are eligible to vote on Breed Standard revisions and specific breed registration rules if they qualify in the breed section.  [Must own and be actively breeding AND exhibiting the specific breed represented within the last 24 months.]

(All Memberships Expire on December 31st of Each Year) If Yearbook is not included with membership, it may be purchased separately - Contact the Central office directly
Breed Section - Choice 1 - Included with Membership
Additional Breed Sections $5 each - Choose as many as you'd like

Spouse/Partner/Family Members & Junior Members

Breed Section - Choice 1 - Included with Membership
Additional Breed Sections $5 each - Choose as many as you'd like

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2nd JR

Judges /Clerking Licenses

Cattery Registration/Cat Haven Registration

ACFA Catteries and Cat Havens - One time Registration - They never expire!
Cattery Application

I wish to register my cattery name with ACFA.  I understand the fee for registration is a one time charge only and the name approved will be for my exclusive use or for the use of those additionally named as co-owners.  I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of ACFA as pertaining to catteries.

Rules Pertaining to Cattery Name Registration

  1. A cattery name (characters and spaces combined) may not exceed 15 letters and spaces.
  2. Abbreviations or variations of registered cattery names are not permitted.
  3. Registered cattery names may be added to a cat’s name as (1) a prefix, if the cat is bred by the owner of the cattery name, or (2) as a suffix, if the cat is owned, but not bred, by the owner of the cattery name.
  4. The prefix cattery name denoting the breeder of the cat may NEVER be removed. However, the suffix cattery name may be removed and replaced with a new owner’s cattery name when the ownership of the cat is transferred.
  5. The owner of a cattery name may add additional names as co-owners of the cattery name upon written notification to ACFA, surrendering the original registration certificate and upon payment of the appropriate fee (same fee as transfer of cattery name).
  6. Ownership of a cattery name may be transferred by written notification to ACFA by the registered owner, surrendering of the original registration certificate and payment of the transfer fee.
Cat Haven Application

I/We hereby apply for a CAT HAVEN suffix for use on such Household Pets as we choose to record with
ACFA. I/We agree to abide by the rules as follows: The CAT HAVEN name registered to me may never be
used as a prefix. It may be used only as a SUFFIX on such cats as are recorded with ACFA as HHPs and owned by me or members of my household. All cats having the CAT HAVEN suffix as part of their recorded name MUST BE altered on or before they reach 8 months of age. Pedigreed cats may carry the CAT HAVEN name as a suffix – only if registration certificates are surrendered and they are recorded as HHPs.



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