Windrush School of Ballet Registration

The Windrush School of Ballet takes children from the ages of three years and upwards with a number of classes to cater for all ages and abilities. 
The pre-school class for our youngest pupils is 30 minutes long whereas all other classes are usually 45 or 60 minutes long. Fees are paid on a termly basis, usually on the first or second week of term.
When a new child joins, of any age, the first two lessons are free of charge, to give the child time to settle in and ensure they are happy. All children have the opportunity to enter RAD presentations and grade examinations if they wish. This may involve extra classes in some cases.
We also run adult ballet classes for complete beginners and also those with some dance experience.
If you would like to register at The Windrush School of Ballet then please complete our online registration form. Following submission we will be in tocuh to discuss a suitable trial class. 
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