Please be detailed when you are completing your monthly foster update form each month. The more SEPR knows about your foster dog the better equipped we are to find their forever family. This will be expected to be compelted by the 5th of each month.

Has someone from the SEPR board or the Foster Coordinator been informed of all of the noted health concerns? *


Waits to be invited onto furniture. *
Waits to go through doorways. *
Waits to eat meals. *
Being crated. (Minimum 3 answers required) *
Leashed walks. (Minimum 2 answers required) *
Do you participate in pack walks? (Rescue organized or self organized) *
How many outings did your foster dog go on this month? *
Car ride etiquette. (Check all that apply) *

Other animals (Reaction):

Children (Reaction):


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