Use this form to sign up yourself as a current member and a new member or as two new members, for the price of one.  You only qualify as a new member if you have never been a member before. A renewal after a lapse in consecutive membership does not qualify as a new member. Offer good through January 31, 2015.

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Membership Benefits:

- A NEFA mini disc (first time members)

- A NEFA bag tag

- Lifetime NEFA number

- Eligibility to participate in the NEFA Points Series in any of ten different divisions

- The satisfaction of supporting the growth of disc sports in our area

* Join Date: Jan 1 - Jan 31

Gold Membership

Gold Members choose their Gold Member number, and receive a special bag tag, as well as a specially stamped Innova Fundraiser Candy disc. Gold Membership is for life. (It doesn't make you a NEFA member for life, though).
Available only to current NEFA members and separate from regular NEFA memberships.
- Memberships run per calendar year and expire Dec. 31.  Gold Memberships do not expire.
- Member contact information is not sold and may be used within NEFA, including by TDs.
- Payment options:
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     - Print this form and make checks payable to NEFA and mail with this form to:
               PO Box 440046
               Somerville, MA  02144

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