If you would like to share an idea for a particular session or speaker you would like to see included on the program for a future CMA convention or workshop, please submit the suggestion form below.  You may use this form to indicate your interest in speaking at either the fall or spring convention. All forms are forwarded immediately to CMA's associate executive director for review. Thank you for your help! 
New option for NYC17! Overall, there will be fewer 50-minute breakouts but many more “table talks.” Table talks will take place from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Sunday and Monday. We plan to offer networking opportunities in the same place at this time, and the vendor area will be close by, so we anticipate a large audience around these tables.

Approved table talks will take place in a large open area. Every five minutes or so, the audience will be encouraged to move to a different table. You will stay at your table and talk informally to a new group every five minutes or to anyone who drops by. You are strongly encouraged to have a visual message to let people know why they might want to stop at your table. In that way, it’s like a poster session at an academic conference.

For example, the poster at a table might be “How Our Street Team Hands Out 2,600 Papers Every Issue.” That topic doesn’t need a 50-minute breakout, but someone interested in starting a street team would be attracted to that table.

Table talks offer a way for advisers and/or students to show off something that is going well in their operation and to meet like-minded people from other campuses. Students are encouraged to pitch table talks.
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Session/speaker suggestions are forwarded to the CMA Headquarters for review. We strive to provide a response and other feedback to your proposal within two weeks of submission. Thank you for contributing to CMA convention programming.