Purpose and Instructions

The purpose of this form is to offer players in the Nebraska Senior Softball (NSS) league a method of announcing their candidacy for a position on the NSS Board of Directors.
Players may be nominated, from the floor, at the annual league meeting.  The nomination requires a 'second' and the candidate must voice their intention to accept (or deny) the nomination.
As you complete this form, particularly the skills, talents, and reason for pursuing a position, SELL YOURSELF!  Explain 'why' you would be a great representative that seeks to do things in the best interest of Nebraska Senior Softball.
Conduct a spelling and grammar check of your application!  Information on this form, minus phone and email, will be shared with the league prior to voting so they can review your qualifications and desire.

Candidate Information

Board of Director Election Preference

The 2015 Election process will select XX candidates for a Director level assignment.  In the section below, select your preferred position if you are voted onto the Board of Directors by your peers.  To see a description of the job requirements for a specific position, click this link.

Use the dropdown windows below to select your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd preferences if elected to the NSS Board of Directors.  

Assignments will be made based upon your selection, input from the Commissioner, and what is in the best interest of the league.

Nebraska Senior Softball (NSS) Experience

Have you previously held a position with the Nebraska Senior Softball Board of Directors? *
If you have held a post on the NSS Board of Directors in the past, list the position and number of years below.

Skills and Intention

What talents/skills do you possess that will benefit Nebraska Senior Softball? (maximum 1000 characters)
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Briefly state why you wish to hold an office/position on the NSS Board of Directors:  (maximum 1000 characters)
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