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Who can apply? R/The Artist, Art Dealers, Gallerists, Artist Reps and collectionists.
Through this application both the artwork and the artist's resume will be reviewed by Alexandras art with the purpose of promotion and sales by publishing the works in and other channels. The application fee (35.00 USD) is not refundable regardless of the result of the application.

Once approved you will be contacted by AlexandrasArt954 staff from 2 to 7 business days to proceed with the publishing of your work. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED for publishing the artworks until you are approved and contacted by our staff, YOU WILL ONLY BE CHARGED $35 APPLICATION FEE after filling out this form.

After your application is approved we will contact  you so you can choose from one of the following options and you will be then invoiced according to the plan of your choice.

The publishing pricing per work is:

- One month    10.00 USD (Prepaid total per work $10)
- One Trimester 8.00 USD (Prepaid total per work 3x8=$24) you save $6.00 per work*
- One Semester 6.00 USD (Prepaid total per work 6x6=$36) you save $24.00 per work*
-*FULL YEAR     6.00 USD (Prepaid total per work 6x12=$72) can replace SOLD works for new ones free of charge for the entire year".  Have free marketing consulting support and one expo a year*.

*From TRIMESTER plans and up Alexandras art offers a free service of 1 google Ads setup and optimization by our Google Client Manager. (funded by artist - no minimum required)

*For every Artist you refer to us you will receive an additional month credit to your subscription.

- Alexandras art commission on sales is 20% of the price it was sold (the sale price is set by the artist)
- If the artist sales a work on his own,   the commission does not apply but must be notified so the work can be removed from site. Note that publishing fees are not refundable.
- Alexandras art has a multichannel marketing approach, works are promoted and sale on either, by word of mouth, on ebay or other online presense sponsored by alexandras art. By accepting our terms you acccept the use of those channels unless prior notification of a channel exclusion is presented in writing and accepted by alexandrasart.

Note: To complete this application you will be requested to upload artwork information, artist resume, contact information, images (1 per work) and description of the artworks to be reviewed.


To proceed with the application process you must accept these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. * 
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