Do you have a Mid-Morning idea?

As you can imagine, scheduling a weekday, 60-minute talk show is challenging. Some of our best program ideas come from listeners, and they are always appreciated. Our daily duties make it impossible for us to talk with every person that calls or stops by with a program idea, but we are interested in every one of them. Here are the guidelines for submitting yours.

Potential Mid-Morning ideas must be submitted in writing. Our mailing address is the WBCL Radio Network, 1115 W. Rudisill Blvd., Ft. Wayne, IN 46807. Or submit your ideas via the form below.

The Mid-Morning Team meets weekly to discuss future program topics. Programs are scheduled six to eight weeks in advance. Proposed ideas must include a clearly defined topic, purpose, and list of potential guest(s). When brainstorming an idea we consider the following:

  • Is it a single program or a possible series?
  • Are there other guests we can include to create a panel discussion?
  • Is the subject something we've recently covered but could repeat at a later date with new guests?

Being able to look at the idea in writing helps us answer these questions and think creatively.

Please include the following required information:

1. TOPIC. What would be the topic for the hour? Please keep in mind Mid-Morning focuses on issues and topics and not events, products, businesses, or organizations. However, the guest speaker for your event (e.g. a marriage counselor for your church's annual couples’ retreat) or employee at your organization (a grief counselor with the American Cancer Society) could be a potential Mid-Morning guest to address a subject (intimacy in marriage or dealing with a loved one’s death). The promotion of your event or organization is secondary to the overall discussion of the topic, though we would mention it at some point in the interview. If your idea is a book, please include a review copy. Materials sent for review will not be returned.

2. GUEST(S) NAME(S). Include the names and title(s) of the person/persons you'd like us to interview. Be sure to note their connection to the topic and education and/or expertise in relation to the topic. Any informational/promotional materials are also helpful. Include the potential guest(s) contact information: daytime phone number and/or e-mail address.
3. DATES GUEST(S) IS/ARE AVAILABLE. Mid-Morning is a live talk show, and we prefer to interview guests in our studio while they are in town for an event, rather than in advance by telephone. Please include the dates the potential Mid-Morning guest(s) will be in the area and available for a 10:00-11:00 a.m. EDT interview. As Mid-Morning is scheduled six to eight weeks in advance, remember to contact us with your information well in advance of your event.
4. YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION. We may need additional information before deciding to schedule your guest, so be sure to include your daytime phone number and e-mail address.