JA Capitalism with a Conscience

Overview: JA Capitalism with a Conscience, presented by FirstBank, is a tremendous opportunity for high school classes to have a business executive in their classroom to discuss the role of ethics in business and in life. During this one time, 50-minute program, business leaders talk with students about integrity, trustworthiness, and ethical decision-making in business. They give personal examples of ethical dilemmas they've faced, and walk students through the steps they take to find the right solutions. In addition to connecting students and business leaders, this program encourages students to reflect on their own values that they can incorporate into their personal and professional lives.

Requirement: JA Capitalism with a Conscience is designed to complement other JA programs and is offered to classes already participating in JA. To register, educators must be participating in another JA program.

Time Frame: Classroom visits will take place during one class period at anytime through April 2017.

Materials: JA will provide the speaker with a course guideline, structured activities, and training. JA will also coordinate scheduling between teachers and guest speakers. 

To request a speaker, please fill in the information below. If you have questions, please contact your JA Program Manager or Hillary Broms, HBroms@jacolorado.org.
*****Please note: You may not have a speaker sign-up for every class period requested. And, when you request multiple class periods, you may not have the same speaker for every class period. 

Please complete one row per class for which you would like a speaker: 
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