London Lesbian Film Festival

Online Submission Form

Film Submission Guidelines

Festival Date:  April 28, 29 & 30th, 2017

Deadline for submissions:  Feb 15 2017

  • Film may be submitted either through online links (preferred) or DVD.
  • All DVDs submitted must be labelled correctly including: title, running time and contact information (including name, address, phone and email). 
  • All online links must remain active if password protected until the end of March, 2017.
  • Director’s cuts are acceptable if the final version will be available by February 15.
  • LLFF reserves the right to excerpt programmed works (up to 2 minutes) along with photographic stills for promotional and marketing purposes.
  • For submissions of more than one work, please fill out a submission for each entry.
  • We use digital files for screening

§  All preview DVDs will be added to the London Lesbian Film Festival collection at the University of Western Ontario Pride Library

§  Entries from outside Canada must be clearly marked on the outside of the package, for festival preview only, no commercial value or you may be required to pay customer duties. Declare less than $20 value on the package (otherwise LLFF will be charged customs fees which we will not pay). You can send preview DVDs by regular post to save money.

§  Our preferred courier is Fed Ex.  Do not useUPS (United Parcel Service), as they charge large customs fees which the festival will not pay and your tape will be returned.

§  Shipping address for film submission is NOT the same as the LLFF mailbox address. You will receive the mailing address if needed by email after submitting this form.  Any further questions please email .  

Contact Information
I have read and accept the London Lesbian Film Festival's Guidelines.