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Welcome to the Earthwatch Research Proposal

Earthwatch's research proposal review processes are guided by our mission to engage people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. Proposals are reviewed based on scientific merit, expected project outcomes and impacts, appropriateness of volunteer activities, and safety and logistical viability. All research proposals should have outputs/impacts that clearly align with current global environmental agendas and priority conservation targets. For more information see All proposals must be completed by the lead PI.


As part of this stage in the application process you will be invited to an interview with Earthwatch staff. Additionally, all research proposals will undergo external peer review prior to full approval. Earthwatch proposals are tenable for 3 years and potentially renewable beyond that period. All projects are subject to annual performance reviews and evaluations.

The proposal has six sections:

  • Section 1: Project Design
  • Section 2: Impacts
  • Section 3: Field Logistics
  • Section 4: Project Budget
  • Section 5: PI and Staff Information
  • Section 6: Peer Review and Additional Materials

Filling out the Proposal

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Background Information

SECTION ONE: Project Design

Provide as much detail as peer reviewers will need to properly assess your research proposal and cite references. To see the questions we ask peer reviewers follow this link. We encourage you to re-use text from previous research proposals if the answers fit the question.
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SECTION TWO: Project Impacts

Earthwatch has identified 12 Measures of Success (MoS) to express achievements across the diverse portfolio of projects we support; details can be found in the questions below. Please set targets against each of these Measures of Success for the coming three years to the best of your ability. Your project may not address all MoS, but we are looking for reasonable progress against a significant number of them. You will be required to report out on these achievements in Field Reports that you will complete at the end of each field season.
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Expected long-term impact of project

This section may not be applicable for your project during its early years. We appreciate that impacts are more likely to be achieved by longer-running projects and would like to get an understanding of your desired long-term impacts. Depending on the subject of your research only some of the categories below may be applicable.
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SECTION THREE: Field Logistics

In this section please provide Earthwatch with an overview of the volunteer experience.  We are looking for clear signs that this will be both an engaging and well-managed experience for volunteers.  It is important to show that you are prepared to have a group of non-specialist participants in the field for an extended period of time.  This includes having laid out a plan for all logistics including food, transport, and accommodation, having an awareness and preparedness for mitigating potential dangers/hazards on site, and ways to communicate with Earthwatch, or sources of aid from the field.

Volunteer Participation
Earthwatch recruits participants and prepares them to assist researchers in the field. Earthwatch participants can be adults, students (age 15-18), teachers, or corporate employees.
Participants join researchers in the field for set blocks of time in groups called teams. A typical project would require engagement of a minimum of 4 and up to 15 participants per team on 4 to 10 teams per year.  Each team typically spends 7-17 days in the field.
Students are a key participant group for Earthwatch; it is advantageous to be open to student participants (age 15-18). It is also advantageous to be open to occasional larger groups of participants.
We are seeking projects that are interested in working with Earthwatch and citizen science volunteers for at least 3 years.
* f. Potential team length(s) (select all that apply)
* Accommodation

a. Type of Accommodation: Please indicate the accommodation type(s) available.
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c. If images are available please submit them here.



It is Earthwatch's experience that good food is essential for good morale!  It is expected that research staff share meals with their teams.
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SECTION FOUR: Project Budget

This section details the project costs, what Earthwatch can and cannot cover with our field grants. As part of your proposal you are required to submit a project budget. Earthwatch uses a standard budget template which has been designed in line with the grant disbursement model. Earthwatch can support you in understanding and completing this template. Your final budget will be agreed and finalised once your project has been approved from a research perspective. You can find the budget template on our website along with other resources relating to project set up. Once your project has been approved from a research perspective the final stage of your project approval will include finalisation of project budget and team dates.

Earthwatch grants cover the expenses for the project whilst teams are in the field. There are restrictions to this funding and grants do not cover PI salaries, capital equipment or post-expedition data analysis. Full details of the Earthwatch funding model including what is, and is not covered can be found on the budget template.


SECTION FIVE: Principal Investigator (PI) and Staff Information

Please list the Lead PI, Co-PIs, and other staff on your project.  For the lead PI and Co-PI(s) you are required to attach an updated CV.

Lead Principal Investigator (Lead PI) - The PI has ultimate project oversight and responsibility for the research objectives, operations, risk management, health, safety, and participant experience.

Co-PI - The Co-PI(s) collaborate with the lead PI for project oversight and responsibility.  Projects may have Co-PIs that share responsibility equally, or they may provide support for the lead PI.

Field Team Leader - A Field Team Leader is a project staff member who is entrusted with leadership and responsibility for Earthwatch participants in the PI or Co-PI's absence.
Field staff must have up to date first aid training when leading volunteers in the field.

Lead PI:


Staff 2:


Staff 3:


Staff 4:


SECTION SIX: Exhibits, peer review, anything else

Referrals for Peer Review

All proposals will be peer reviewed by reviewers of your recommendation and reviewers selected by Earthwatch independently.  You must submit two reviewers whom you have contacted about reviewing your proposal.  Your reviewers should be experts in the same field as your proposal.  Your reviewers should not be directly involved in this research project or be biased towards you and/or this research.

Reviewer 1:
Reviewer 2:
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The following exhibits are required before your proposal is complete: 
a) CV for each PI (should be attached in Section 5)
b) Copy of research permits or letters of endorsement obtained from the appropriate authorities in order to conduct research at your proposed study site.

You may also want to include graphs, sample data sheets, maps, photos (of staff, the research, and the location), or other information supporting your proposal. This information may also be used in marketing materials to attract participants to your project.










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